Zealot a félelemtől. „Örökre nyoma marad”

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Denial is our default mode. Advances in technology, they said, would ward off the worst-case scenarios.

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Fail-safe systems like the blowout preventer a mile below the surface at the Deepwater Horizon rig site would keep wildlife and the environment safe. Americans zealot a félelemtől not particularly good at learning even the most painful lessons. But at the very least this tragedy in the gulf should push us to look much harder at the systems we need to prevent a catastrophic accident at a nuclear power plant, and for responding to such an event if it occurred.

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Nuclear plants are the new hot energy item. The Obama administration is offering federal loan guarantees to encourage the construction of a handful of new plants in the U.

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Not to be outdone, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, a certifiable nuke zealot, would like to see zealot a félelemtől plants built over the next 20 years. There is no way to overstate how cautiously we need to proceed along this treacherous road. Building nuclear power plants is mind-bogglingly expensive, which is why you need taxpayer money to kick-start the process.

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But the overriding zealot a félelemtől we need to be concerned about, especially in light of our horrendous experience with the oil gushing in the gulf for so long, are safety and security.

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