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Yesterday, your Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin made an official complaint to Britain about strong language used in the British Parliament to condemn France's betrayal of the international community over Iraq. We at The Sun think that M Villepin was foolish to make his complaint.

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The whole civilised world, not just Britain, is disgusted with the way France's president and politicians have behaved over the Iraq crisis. Last month we accused your president, Jacques Chirac, of behaving like a worm in the way he was obstructing attempts to force Saddam Hussein to disarm.

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Today we say this to the people of France: We did not go far enough. Your president is not just a worm.

Fenyvesi Zsófia Te meg tudod ezt csinálni a füleddel? A gyerekeknél előforduló cérnagiliszta inkább csak kicsit undorító, de komoly panaszokat általában nem okoz. A bélférgesség egyik leggyakoribb oka a rossz higiénia, de szerencsére Magyarországon alapvetően nem túl gyakori. Ám ha egzotikus országba utazunk, érdemes jobban vigyázni.

He has behaved like a Paris harlot. Everyone knows that once the brave Allies have risked their lives liberating Iraq, Chirac will be first in line sniffing for lucrative business deals to rebuild this tragic nation.

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Yesterday M Villepin said the comments about France in the British Parliament were "not worthy" of a friend and ally. But how can we be friends and allies when your politicians act kerekférgek petesejtek fejlődése out of self-interest?

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Was it WORTHY of your government to forget how thousands of brave Americans laid down their lives so the French people could be free of a dictator's féreg fórum wumen Today, brave men and women are again risking their lives in féreg fórum wumen against a tyrant.

But féreg fórum wumen French are féreg fórum wumen to be seen. President Chirac has let you and your nation down.

Disraeli Woman

You must be deeply ashamed of him.

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